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Man, it feels good. Be talking about tournament golf again, let’s go. Welcome to the cut maker, golf podcast, your home for in depth reviews of PGA players, that will help you make more informed daily fantasy plays and golf wagers. Four days a week, we provide five to seven minutes on a different PGA tour player from the most famous to some that you’ve never heard of each Wednesday, we will highlight the tournament of the week and give out one of our plays for that tournament. Don’t want to spend a ton of time doing golf research. We’re still here to help text golf. Two eight five five golf pod that’s text golf two (855) 465-3763 for $25 a weekend. The price of a large pizza, double vodka, red bull or whatever you’re into you’ll receive our top three fantasy golf plays picks to win the tournament that week and tournament head the head wagers that we like more importantly, you’ll receive our round by round head-to-head matchup plays that we believe provide one of the greatest values in sports betting today. So you can expect to receive a text on Wednesday afternoon with the tournament long plays Friday morning with the second round plays Saturday morning with the third round plays and Sunday morning with final round plays and some live outright winner values that we like for a total of between 12 and 30 plays for a weekend. So remember texts golf to eight five, five golf pod that’s golf two (855) 465-3763 to receive every wager we make for every golf tournament. And now let’s get onto the show.

This week. We are talking about the Charles Schwab played at colonial a 7,200 yard, par 70 in Fort worth, Texas. This is simply a driving accuracy and wedge Fest from there. If you’re a good bentgrass putter, you’re going to be able to put yourself in a good position to win. This is also historically known as sort of the Jordan Speith invitational. So the question here is what do you do with Jordan? Speith we know he’s an elite putter, but you can double down on that. When he punts on bent grass, his best surface, he goes from elite to generally the best in WGC Mexico. He gained six Roakes putting on the field and finished 59th, not the greatest outcome. When you gain six strokes on the field speed has the second most strokes gained on bank grass in the field over the last 100 rounds.

But let me ask you this. Would you rather have Spaeth with his 58 59th ninth, ms. Cut and 55th and his last five tournaments or someone who went miss cut. Fourth, 16th, miss cut in 22nd. Now again, understanding we’re coming off a long layoff and recent form may or may not mean anything. If you’re asking me just on pure results, I’d take the second guy. Sure. Speed is 45 to one to win on draft Kings right now. But the second guy just mentioned is 60 to one and six to one to finish in the top 10. And Oh, by the way, the second guy I mentioned is number one and strokes gained on bank crass over the last 100 rounds. He is a nine time PGA tournament winner and a major champion. His name is Jason Day. Day’s wedges have an awful over the past year, but on a longer price at the sports book and a comparable price on DraftKings.

Give me Jason Day. It will likely be five to six or seven to eight points, lower ownership. Now my pick to win, it’s not sexy, but at 20 to one, give me Webb Simpson all day long. He’s a popular pick this week. And for very good reason, this chord grades its discourse grades out extremely well for him. He’s made three trips here has two top fives and grades out second statistically behind Rory and both my long and short term models at a third of Royce price. Other guys who I think are interesting. Matt Koocher who has a 32nd, a 12th, a sixth miss cut a second and a 26 and his last six times here, he has four top 20 fives and 2020 already, including a second at the Genesis. He grades out number seven in my longterm model. And as a tremendous top five play on FanDuel where he’s 10 to one, Tom hoagies never missed a cut here in three attempts.

He’s very reasonable on draft Kings and he has a 40th of 42nd and the 17th here in the last three years. Some other folks I think are worth a look include Mark Leishman Von Taylor, Adam Long Jimmy Walker, although he’s not a great draft Kings play. Clearly Ryan Palmer, Bryson to Shambo who I think will be very popular this week. And I think for a little bit of a longer shot, take a look at Nick Watney as always. We’ll have some head to head match-ups as the week goes on one head to head match up. I do like a lot this week is Patrick Reed minus one Oh five over Rickie Fowler. Thanks for listening to the cut maker podcast, where we give you the daily information. You need to make more informed DFS and wagering decisions on the PGA. Check us out and

And we’ll talk with you tomorrow.

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