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My guy is still getting no respect. Let’s go.

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there aren’t a lot of guys who can play the, I get no respect card on the PGA tour more than Webb Simpson. He’s currently eighth in the official world golf rankings. It has been as high as fifth, eight years ago. After winning the U S open, he has six pro tour wins including one major and as one as recently as the 2020 waste management. In my opinion, he is the most underrated player on tour period. Webb has only 34 years old, which is younger than many would imagine. People think of him in the range of a Justin Rose, Adam Scott, et cetera, but he’s five years younger than those guys. He’s even younger than a Dustin Johnson. Webs from Charlotte, played collegial Leah wake forest and has been on tour for 12 years. Let’s talk about web stats. If you take out off the tee, he is one of the top five players in the world when it comes to putting, you would argue that he’s the best putter on tour outside, super short, drivable par fours that your Dustin Johnson’s, your Rorys really have a tendency to dominate.

I’ll take him against anyone on tour on a par four. That’s because he’s elite with his wedges. He’s strong with his long irons, top five on tour in both categories in the last 50 rounds and he’s such a good putter in 2020 he’s number one so far year to date. I know it’s a small sample in birdie to bogey ratio, but I think there’s some credence to that because he was fifth in this category in 2019 and seventh in this category in 2018 the guy makes birdies, he even makes some Eagles and he does not make a lot of bogeys. Where do you want to play web if it’s a short course web is an elite play period. Top 10 top 20 top five outright winter, all of it get your money in the middle when it comes to web Simpson on short courses. Why?

Here’s some evidence. February, 2021 the waste management short par 71 gained 4.4 strokes, putting January, 2020 third at the Sony short par 70 gains four strokes, putting November, 2019 second at the RSM short par 70 where he only gained 1.6 strokes putting but was elite with his wedges. Something that’s very common. October, 2019 seventh at the Shriners short par 71 gained 4.8 strokes putting August, 2019 second at the Wyndham short par 70 gained 4.7 strokes putting July, 2019 second at the st Jude classic short par 70 gained 6.8 strokes putting, are you seeing a trend here? June, 2019 16th U S open short par 71 at pebble beach gained 7.9 strokes putting June, 2019 second at the RBC Canadian short par 70 gained 9.1 strokes putting lastly April, 2019 fifth at the masters. We don’t have the ShotLink data or strokes gained data, but I promise you he gained strokes putting and Oh by the way, in May, 2018 he gained 5.7 strokes tee to green and 9.4 strokes putting in route to a victory at the player’s championship.

Let’s look at some current odds for Webb when you’d want to bet on him and when you might want to play him and DraftKings Webb was 60 to one to win the masters before the waste management. Now he’s in the 35 to one range. I’ve seen him as high as 40 to one still he’s higher odds than Spaeth Rose Fowler, a Decky de Shambo day, Fleetwood Zander fee. Now Reed, and the same odds as Phil Mickelson. I would take web literally over every single one of those folks given the price differentials and in head to head match ups against those guys. Again, for the right price, I would very, very likely take web on draft Kings web always seems to be priced below the elite despite in my opinion, his rightful place among them and the 2020 players championship webs priced as the 10th highest player at 9,200 and you’re commonly gonna see him priced in the nine to 10,000 range. He’s priced there despite having won two tournaments ago and having three top tens in his last four tournaments before that. That’s what you call getting no respect. Thanks for listening to the cut maker podcast where we give you the daily information you need to make more informed DFS and wagering decisions on the PGA. Check us out on cut makers,

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