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What’s it like being the least popular player on tour for one guy, it’s working out just fine. Let’s go.

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It’s no secret. Patrick Reed is not the most popular guy on tour. In fact, from a fan’s perspective, he’s probably the least popular there he is building sandcastles or his caddy is picking a fight with a spectator. Reed always seems to be on the wrong side of the argument. You have to PGA tour where the WWE read would be the perfect bad guy. Read is 29 was born in San Antonio and lives in Houston. He attended the university of Georgia where depending on who you ask was kicked off the team and ultimately ended up at Augusta state where he won two division one titles. While he may not be the most popular player, don’t get me wrong, Patrick Reed can flat out play. He’s currently ninth in the world check. He’s currently ninth in the official world. Golf rankings has eight PGA tour wins including the 2018 masters.

He has four top tens in his 20s and his check, he has four top tens in his 24 majors, three of which have come in the last eight that he’s played. Reed has two wins and seven top tens in his last 12 tournaments. Two wins, seven top tens and his last 12 tournaments. Think about that for a second. The number one player in the world, Rory McIlroy has two wins and 10 top tens and his last 12 PGA tour events. Justin Thomas has three wins and eight top tens in his last 12 that’s it. That’s the list of players on tour. Hotter than Patrick Reed, Rory McIlroy andJ T that’s it. So what is redoing? Well, statistically, ironically, he profiles very similarly to Webb Simpson read and web played together and the president’s cup this year, and frankly, while they couldn’t be two more different public personalities, it’s amazing how similarly their gangs profile in his last 50 rounds read his fifth on tour and total strokes gained eighth in strokes gained short game and eighth and strokes gained putting he profiles similarly to web and that they both have great short games and Pope well, but read being a little better off the tee and web being even better on and around the greens.

Reed is third on tour in his last 50 rounds and birdies gained and 12th and bogeys avoided he second par for scoring during that same timeframe. Two more areas where he’s similar to web irons are the key to read success. And his last 50 tournaments where he’s gained two or more strokes on approach, he is 31 top twenties 20 top tens, 14 top fives and five wins. Irons are huge. So where do we play Reed? Unlike web who profiles amazingly on shorter courses, Rican show up pretty much anywhere. He’s especially strong on courses with bent grass greens where he putts exceptionally well. He’s a very interesting play in majors especially as a top five top 10 top 20 type play. Given that he has proven he can win an Augusta and has great form coming into March and April, 2020 let’s look at him from a bedding and DFS pricing perspective.

Reed never gets enough respect and the bedding or DFS markets which always makes him a strong play. He was priced at 40 to one in the WGC Mexico and the mix with a Matthew Fitzpatrick, a Bubba Watson, a Matt Koocher. I prefer all of those guys. He’s in the 25 to one slash 2,500 range and the masters priced around Spaeth Fowler de Shambo, Fleetwood’s Zander. I would definitely take read and head to heads versus Speith and Fowler and would take a hard look at him and the other three I would definitely take read in head to heads versus Speith and Fowler and would take a hard look at him versus the other three. If I could get a decent price. He’s in the 35 to one range for the PGA championship in the U S open to other majors. I’ll be looking to invest in Reed in some form or fashion.

In terms of DFS pricing, he’s almost always in the eight to 9,000 range on DraftKings and the players, for example, he’s priced at 8,500 Reed is an elite DFS play because he is never as highly owned as he should be due to his public perception. Again, using the players as an example, if we look at the range starting at 9,000 Tommy Fleetwood, I’d take read Ricky Fowler, I’d take read HUD Decky. I’d probably take a Decky Rose. I would take Reed M I would probably take him Jason Day. I’d take Reed Woodland, I’d take Reed KC, I’d take Reed fie. Now I’d take Reed, Sergio, I’d take Reed who stays and I’d take read. So apparently unless you’re Asian, I would pick Patrick Reed over you in the eight to nine range on DraftKings for the players. Thanks for listening to the cut. Mic check. Thanks for listening to the cut maker podcast where we give you the daily information you need to make more informed DFS and wagering decisions on the PGA. Check us out on cut maker and we’ll talk with you tomorrow

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