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You hear a lot of people say, imagine if he could putt about a lot of guys. This one might be the best of them. Let’s go.

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There are so many great things about Benayoun he doesn’t take himself too seriously. As you can tell if you follow his Twitter account and his ball striking is out of this world, there’s only one thing holding this amazing talent back. Young hun, AKA Benon is 28 years old from Seoul South Korea and played at cow in 2019 he became the youngest player ever to win the U S amateur. He’s been a pro for eight years with his biggest win coming at the 2015 European BMW and he’s finished top 35 or better and every major at some point over the past six years and his 18 majors as a pro. So let’s look at Ben stats. He’s a bomber who is top 20 on tour and driving distance. He’s a great chipper. That ranks number one on tour in strokes gain around the green in his last 100 rounds.

He’s a sick iron player who’s top 20 in proximity of the hole from nearly every distance from 75 to 225 yards. He’s 24th on tour in bogey avoidance. Overall, he is the fifth ranked player on tour in the last 100 rounds in strokes, gained tee to green, fifth fifth ranked player on tour stroke’s game tee to green over the last 100 rounds. But in those 100 rounds, he has zero wins, fifth and tee to green and zero wins. What the hell is going on? He is dead last in putting dead last in his last 35 tournaments with shot tracker. He’s gained strokes putting five times as recently as the Honda classic Beck and March 1st in those tournaments he’s finished fourth third, third 16th in the U S open and second during that same stretch he has three top tens and tournaments where he lost strokes putting including the 2020 waste management and Phoenix where he finished ninth despite losing almost one and a half strokes putting is he the best player on tour without a PGA tour win under his belt.

One could easily make that argument. So where do we want to play down on? You do not want to play him on poet greens, whereas Putin goes from bad to unwatchable. He tends to be better at courses that have been birdie Fest as birdies are one of his major strengths. Distance definitely does not phase him, so don’t be afraid to play him a longer courses. I think he’s a great bet for top 20s and majors this year as he has successfully competed in them in the past and this form is coming around with two top tens in his last four tournaments. Let’s look at Ben from a DFS and wagering perspective. He’s generally priced in the 50 to 101 range for most tournaments and he’s over a hundred to one. Again in most majors where I think he’s a very interesting top 20 play from a draft Kings perspective, he’s often in the second to fourth tier of players anywhere from that seven and $9,000 price range depending on the tournament and the strength of the field and the players. For example, he is $7,800 because of his ball striking and ability to make birdies. He is always a solid play. Seldom is there someone in his price range with the upside that he possesses. If he can just match the field in putting thanks for listening to the cut maker podcast where we give you the daily information you need to make more informed DFS and wagering decisions on the PGA. Check us and we will talk with you tomorrow.

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