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This one’s going to be short and sweet and it’s going to be quite simple. All this guy does is play consistent golf. Let’s go,

Welcome to the cut maker, golf podcast, your home for in depth reviews of PGA players, that will help you make more informed daily fantasy plays and golf wagers. Four days a week, we provide five to seven minutes on a different PGA tour player from the most famous to some that you’ve never heard of each Wednesday, we will highlight the tournament of the week and give out one of our plays for that tournament. Don’t want to spend a ton of time doing golf research. We are still here to help text golf to eight five five golf pod that’s techs golf two (855) 465-3763 for $25 a weekend. The price of a large pizza, double vodka, red bull or whatever you’re into you’ll receive our top three fantasy golf plays picks to win the tournament that week and tournament head-to-head wagers that we like more importantly, you’ll receive our round by round head to head match a place that we believe provide one of the greatest values in sports betting today. So you can expect to receive a text on Wednesday afternoon with a tournament long plays Friday morning with the second round plays Saturday morning with the third round plays and Sunday morning with final round plays and some live outright winner values that we like for a total of between 12 and 30 plays for a weekend. So remember texts golf to eight five, five golf pod that’s golf two (855) 465-3763 to receive every wager we make for every golf tournament. And now let’s get onto the show.

this might be my most boring player profile, but don’t misunderstand. This guy is one of the most profitable people you can play in PGA wagering and DFS. Matt Koocher was born in winter park, Florida lives in Georgia and went to Georgia tech in the last three and a half years. He has 12 top fives, including two in majors in 76 events that equates to finishing top five 16% of the time for those who may think he be falling off. Now that he’s on the wrong side of 40 in his last 20 tournaments, he has four top tens and three top fives. So what has led to Koocher success? When the sledding gets tough, he gets tougher gaining almost one and a half strokes on the field in difficult tournaments while he certainly isn’t a bomber off the tee. He doesn’t lose strokes there. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t lose strokes anywhere. And his last 200 rounds, he has gained 3.1 strokes, Tita green, a half a stroke off the tee one and a half strokes on approach. 1.1 strokes around the green and 1.4 strokes putting he has gained four or more shots on approach in the last eight years. And when he has those have led to 21 top tens, when he gains two or more strokes putting he has 34 top tents.

Now, is he better on a shorter course? Well, he’s no Webb Simpson, but he is eight on tour in the last a hundred rounds on courses, shorter than 7,200 yards. When I record these podcasts, I’m always looking for something that a player does really well or really poorly. Koocher just doesn’t have that, which is why he’s such a popular cash play on draft Kings. Speaking of draft Kings, generally, generally you see Koocher price in the mid eight to low nine range. And as I mentioned, he’s an extremely popular cash game play. He’s a fine play in tournaments as well on DFS. But if you play, Koocher make sure you play him with some less popular players as like Tony Fino and several others. He is one of the more popular guys when he is plus 700 or better to finish top five at a tournament.

He’s an autoplay for me, given his fr mentioned high top five rate. So I definitely play him in tournaments like the colonial or I have a short course, and he’s 10 to one on FanDuel. The opportunity to play Koocher is always depending on the price and the field. I think we’re going to have some tough conditions coming forward in the next month or so. So take a good hard look at Matt Koocher. Thanks for listening to the cut maker podcast, where we give you the daily information. You need to make more informed DFS and wagering decisions on the PGA tour. Check us out at KUT maker, And we’ll talk with you tomorrow.

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