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A lot of American golfers are proud Patriots. This gentlemen literally wears it on his sleeve.

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If you’re American and a strong Patriot, it’s likely very difficult for you to root against Gary Woodland, even when he was coming down the stretch and fighting off my favorite golfer, Brooks KEPCO at the U S open at pebble beach. I find myself smiling when Woodland rolled in monstrous putt after monstrous putt, like many of the other players we’ve profiled. If Gary Woodlands putter is going, he’s nearly unstoppable. Gary Woodland is 36 years old was born into Pika, Kansas and attended the university of Kansas. He has four PGA tour wins, including a win at the 2019 U S open. And the last three years, Woodland has lost strokes chipping around the green in 65% of his tournaments. And he’s lost ropes putting, and half of them. This is the key for him because he almost never loses strokes off the tee and his irons and wedges are solid more often than not Woodland.

Profile’s very similar to a guy I’ve done a previous pot on Ben Anne and well, Anna is a much better chipper. Woodland is much better off the tee and on approach. So where do we play Woodland? I tried to identify whether he was having more success at shorter courses or maybe longer courses. And the truth is Woodland has had his most success at what you might call medium courses longer than 7,200 yards. And under 7,400 yards, this is likely because he can hit his three wood with a great deal of accuracy here in the last three years, Woodland has eight top fives, two wins, including the U S open and is finished in the top 20 and 30% of his tournaments. Over those same three years. The only time he really struggles are when his iron and wedges have led them down. Don’t be surprised if we see Woodland have a strong 2020 finish.

He has five top tens in the last eight tournaments with his only miss cut coming at the farmers. He’s 11th and strokes gained tee to green in his last 36 rounds coming into or out of if you will, Corona virus. And if he can just chip and putt at an average level, the winds will be very, very, very close behind draft King scoring is what makes Gary Woodland super interesting over the last 100 rounds. Gary Woodland is 22nd in total strokes gained, but he’s 10th and draft King scoring. That is the highest total strokes gain versus draft Kings points. Variants of any player in the top 25 on tour. In other words, play him on draft Kings he’s ninth on tour and birdies gained, but 120 fourth in doubles. Avoid it for those who aren’t super familiar with drafting scoring, for example, nine birdies, two doubles, a bogey and six pars would net a score for under, but would result in 27 and a half draft Kings points.

Conversely, a player who had four birdies and 14 pars would also have foreigner, but would have almost 10 fewer draft Kings points always look at Woodland on draft Kings. He is a guy who can win you tournaments. He’s also an always an interesting outright play. If you can get him at 30 to one or better in a tournament. And for me, I’m always looking at Woodland as a top 20 play. When I see him at plus two 50 or better, I generally have interest. Thank you very much for joining us on the cut maker podcast, where we give you the daily information. You need to make more informed DFS and wagering decisions on the PGA tour. Check us out on and talk with you tomorrow.

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