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So remember techs golf to eight five, five golf pod. That’s the word golf two (855) 465-3763. Thanks for listening. And let’s get on with the show. It’s been a while since we recorded a pod and now we’re getting back on track. We have a line, excuse me, on the line, a buddy of mine and a special late night version. Why late-night version of the cut maker podcast, a cut maker, text member. Uh, Tim Simons. Tim is an accomplished actor has been in many movies, but he’s best known for his role as Jonah and HBO smash hit. Tim is a solid golfer around a 14 handicap. It was relatively new to the golf betting seat. He’s played the stadium and tournament courses recently. So he has some very interesting insight into the courses that were, are in play this week. And I thought we could build a draft Kings team together and talk about some bets, Tim, thanks a ton for coming on, buddy. How are you great to be with you?

It’s going to be a ton of fun. It’s a ton of fun. And, um, you know, w one of the things that, that we were talking about you and I were talking earlier today, and, and, and you were talking a little bit about this course. So what I think is super interesting this week is this is, you know, really a short course. Um, and so I think a lot of guys will be in play talk a little bit about, as you were planning for, let’s start with the stadium course that you were playing the stadium course. Give me like your one or two biggest thoughts, um, as, as an amateur player, like, okay. When you finished your round, the first two things that came to your mind were what, well, I would

Say that, I mean, like, as far as how it’s gonna apply, I don’t know. Uh, but one of the things I remember walking away from the stadium course, and I guess this is just for like, people that might be in Palm Springs. It’s a pretty amazing course. Like the it’s really fun to play. Like it’s hard, it’s really hard, but it doesn’t like grind you into dust. Like you actually end up having a good time, even though it’s hard. I didn’t play particularly well, either time that I was there. Like, I wasn’t liked out by any means, but I didn’t walk off at the end of the day, just feeling demoralized, which happens in a lot of courses that I played. Um, one of the things that the guy, uh, that like, you know, the starter, like, you know, in the starter does their whole spiel like that retired guy.

Uh, he tells you that basically like you just on that course, you just can’t miss left, which is, uh, was not great for me because I miss left. Like, I’m like I went from like everybody else, like I used to have a big slice, right. And as I like work and work on my swing or whatever, like I’ve gotten into a much better place, but now when I miss I miss straight and hard left, so that was a little rough on me, but there’s really only like one, one or two holes where all the danger is and on the left side. Um, and a lot of times there isn’t even like, you know, it might not be traps. It might not be, uh, like actual hazards on the left side. There can just be some really bad angles into greens are gonna have to like carry over a bunch of bunkers from a long distance and still land it on the green. So like that’s when left can get you in trouble, even on the holes where there are a lot of, uh, actual hazards, but it’s fun, man. It’s a great course.

So I was looking at some stats and I was seeing how much potting mattered there. And the one thing that, that an immature golfer can, can relate to that, that the pros relate to obviously the speeds that are going to be faster where the pros play there. But for your opinion, as the greens is related to the greens, um, you know, if you’re looking at, you know, your, your courses, you play in LA on a normal basis and, and, and, and such, would you say the greens were, I mean, like from a, from a structural standpoint, um, difficult standard, obviously going, gonna run faster for the pros, but what was your opinion on the greens in general?

The greens for what I remember were not the craziest that I’ve ever been on. Like, as far as the courses that I play in LA, you know, like I play like a lot of muni courses, like I live in the city. Um, so I played like a lot of meaning courses out here where the greens aren’t that crazy, like the complexes aren’t that complex, and they’re not super fast, but if you go out to a place like rustic Canyon and greens out there, crazy, as far as just like how much on Jill undulation is in like a particular bring me weren’t they weren’t like that. It wasn’t like they were, they weren’t easy, but they weren’t like insane greens to make up for, you know, to make up for the rest of the clothes being easier. That’s what I felt like I had been on tougher greens. Um, but that doesn’t mean that I taught it well,

Well, no, that’s well, it’s interesting. It’s interesting because as we look at people who have fared well on that course in the past on tour, and we, we have some pretty good, pretty good data set. I mean, I mean, it’s very clear that that you’re, you’re off the TV game is, uh, is relevant, but really it’s its approach shots and putting that are everything there. Right. And that’s a lot of golf courses, but really seem to be very pronounced at, at, at the, at the stadium course. And I thought that was interesting. Um, and, and it seems like

I was just going to say, like, that does actually make a lot of sense when we, because like, from what I remember, they’re having, because it, you know, it’s like built, uh, parts of it are built inside of a housing complex. There aren’t a lot of places like there isn’t a lot of room for it to come back. So there are some holes like that, like that first part three that you come to, um, yeah. Number four. I don’t think there’s a lot of room to go back. So I’m like, of course, like, you know, I hit like a seven iron and do that.

Well, the pros are that the pros are playing at a one 65

Really. I mean, like, w what is that for them like a lob wedge? I mean,

Yeah. That’s probably about a pitching wedge, right? Yeah. I mean, maybe it may be like a stiff, I mean, a light easy nine iron. Yeah. I mean, yeah. Yeah.

So like, but I remember, but like there, so in that regard, they’re, I think they’re going to be a lot of places where hitting it 40 yards past somebody isn’t really gonna buy you much. So just getting into position. Uh, so that would make sense, but the approach shots are going to be a much bigger thing because driving at four yards past somebody that’s not really gonna do a lot for you. Cause it’s just not that long of a course.

Well, Tim, I don’t know if you remember 17 at all, but apparently 17 is a super short par three as well. Pros gonna play for like one 18 sort of one 50. So you were probably playing it one 25 or something. I mean,

I do. Yeah. That’s like the signature sort of like downhill Island three, um, you know, surrounded by water and it’s got that little short bridge is basically like, yeah. Um, and I think when I played it, cause I usually play anywhere between, like, when I look at the yard, which is like, I’m somewhere in between like 66 or 6,900. Like that’s usually what I aim for. So I think I pleaded at one 40 when I was there last, um, cause I’ve been able to play it a couple of times recently. So I think I played it at one 40 and of course I, I hit two left and they, you know, I put two in the water both times, but it’s just, yeah, it’s not alone hole. Maybe they can push it that key back a little bit, but not by much. So it’s really just going to be, I guess, how close you can get to it, but the pretty hole that looks good,

What stamps? So here’s, what’s really interesting to me is that there aren’t a lot of courses where you look at the birdie rate and you see, I mean, there are six holes that have better than a 25% birdie rate. That’s that’s crazy. So, I mean that tells me that especially like in, as time goes on, technology gets better and players get better, right. That if you’ve got a twin, an average tour player is making better than a 25% Verde rate on six holes. Like you’re going to have to shoot 20 under a better this weekend. And again, understand the Nicholas courses in play. I get that, but three of the four rounds replied to the stadium. Of course. So we’re going to focus on that. So if we know that we know that going in, so it’s, it’s okay. I mean, if you play the tournament course too, right.

But only one.

Okay. Okay. Yeah. I mean, so let’s, let’s, let’s focus on this for the, for the purposes of this conversation and honestly, yeah. I mean, it’s, um, I mean this is approach and putting and it’s pretty straightforward. And one of the things that I noticed in looking at some research here on using fantasy national at some other end, uh, PGA tour site, whatever other sites. So what’s fascinating to me is when you look at the last a 20,000 approach shots on, on tour and at this get this course, like I would say 25% of the approach shots on this course are from 150 to 175 yards. So, so that’s how obviously highly relevant, right? So when, if we’re, if we’re building a model and you and I are gonna kind of walk through a model build together here, if you don’t mind, um, if we, if we’re building a model, then when we look at, I mean, w w we wanted somebody who can hit the ball from 150 to 175 yards, that’s highly, highly relevant.

So I’m gonna pull up some data here and I’m going to see who our top player from 150 to 175 yards was here. But, uh, there we go. And, and honestly, I think that’s, that is like, if there’s one stat, I’m looking at this league, I mean, putting’s important approach is important, but that’s always relatively important if there’s one stat this week that I think is most important it’s approach from 150 to 175 yards. So as we look at that, uh, I I’ve got some, some rolling models I’ve done. It’s one of the stats I’ve done. And so one guy who jumped out to me early this week, wow, this is funny. I just pulled this up. I actually had not seen this yet. The MLS 24 rounds, which is, I think is a pretty good sample size. I want some recency. I don’t want too much recency.

I don’t want too much long term. The number one player from, um, 150 to 175 yards is a guy. And Tim, I don’t know if I told you this story or not. I have to tell you the story of the bed I made, um, at the West gate, in Las Vegas on Brooks Capco’s career majors, every type of story you show me the ticket before. Oh yeah. Well, you see the ticket. So the number one, number one player, one 50 to one 75 in this tournament is Brooks Capco. And he’s 20 to one, but he’s 20 to one win this tournament.

And honestly, like I’m laughing at myself because I have, um, I have, uh, no, no KEPCO shares yet. Um, but man, alive, as I look at him here, he’s very expensive. He won’t be on our craft King’s team because he’s too expensive and he’s too volatile. And he hasn’t played in a while and he’s like, uh, he, he just like an engine Corvette. He’s get warmed up a little bit. I kept getting my favorite golfer. Um, but that’s super interesting. So if you like one of the, like a crazy flyer, that’s interesting. Um, as I go down the list here, uh, wow, this is a tough scene. And guys who were, I could even think about, so there’s two guys who, who, who come to mind here who, um, are highly relevant. Matthew nee Smith, um, is a guy who I was big on last week, who let me down, but who’s, um, he, he, he’s struggling putting lately.

Um, but he’s relevant. And Matthew Wolf is, is interesting. Um, he’s 12, he’s 12, he’s 12 in the model. So I’ll put it on the list. It goes Brooks, Capco. And actually I’m going to give me, this is, this is interesting. So let’s, so it’s funny, it’s funny, Tim people have a lot of different opinions on this. So some people are like, long-term form is everything. Like if you’re whatever your last hundred rounds are, that’s who you are. And then some people are like, no to your last 12 rounds are who you are. That’s your more recent situation. And, and, and I w I would actually argue the latter, right? Like, don’t you feel like your last 12 rounds are more indicative of who you are than your last 50 or a hundred?

I would say so. Yeah, but also my swing gets lost in a heartbeat, so, yeah,

Well sure. But even if you’re a pro, right. It’s like, I mean, look at Jordan Speith right. Like, he’s, he got completely lost and, and, and kind of still is, but if you, if you look at his last a hundred rounds, it’s better than probably it should be. So, I mean, you know, I, I totally agree. And as I look at this, I mean, I’m trying to find a guy. I mean, Matthew Smith continues to pop up. Um, as a guy, who’s probably a guy who’s man he’s relevant. He’s putting has been bad. Other than that, man, he pops and everything. Um, man, to see pop, like I can’t stop like looking at this. He pops really, really he Pablo last week and missed the cut and burned me. So I’m probably a little gun shy because of that. But I’m a mess.

Are you, are you putting out another text message late tonight? Are you going to,

Oh, well, I, it’s funny. I’ve already sent out a lot. Right. But no, I mean, I think he’s going to be a bet. I’m going to make, he’s probably a top 20 bet. I’m going to make, um, Matthew, Wolf’s interesting, but Matthew Wolf’s he’s, hasn’t played and I, I worry a little bit about, um, and Matthew Wolf was the consummate boomer bus golfer. I mean, he can win literally any tournament and he could finish DFL in a term. So I’m trying to find a guy who I think is man, see, woo. Kim is popular and he’s really, really good from one 50 to one 75 and really, really bad for him over 200 yards, which is our second, most common distance. So, um, yeah, really interesting year. And it’s the one that I look at this one guy who I, I love, love, love, love, love, love, love this week. I like to guys a lot. I liked Sam burns. Uh, I think Sam burns is, um, and I’m gonna tweak my model. I’m going to look at Sam burns here a little bit. Second. I’ll look up Ryan Sandberg. I liked Sam burns a lot. Uh, he has my computer


Yeah. Sam burns has been, um, solid. I think he’s, he is he’s squirrelly in play here. I I’m excited about him. And uh, yeah. I mean, I think he’s, he, he is got,

There we go. Just as a side note, that’s one thing that’s funny about ending up like putting a couple of bucks on golfers, is that like, you end up, like, if Sam burns does well, this weekend, I’m gonna love him forever. But if he mentions like a heartbreaker plight, cause he hasn’t been in a lot of those situations, like in round four, he doesn’t win. Like it’s a thing where it’s like, like, Hey, why is my dad hates Sam burns so much casual golf fan art.

You brought up such an awesome point. And, and, and I want to ask you about a few people here because like, so you have twins and I believe your twins are about the same age as my, or your twins. Like are your twins are nine or 10?

They just are not yet

Just turned out. Okay. Okay. So, so, so I have a 10 year old daughter. You have a boy and one boy, one girl. Correct. So, okay. So if you were to, if I were to ask your kids tomorrow who your favorite golfer is,

That’s a good question. They would probably see tiger woods just because that’s the one I pointed out the most. That would probably, they would also, my daughter is always asking if the guy with the funny swing is playing, they’re always asking about the guy with the funny swing. I think that they might, I think that they might have picked up how much I liked Justin Thomas by now there’s a chance. There’s a chance that they would say Justin Thomas, but most likely they probably would have heard me. They probably would have. They probably would, uh, see tiger woods just because that’s the one that has been talked about the most

Obviously then your kids have not seen the documentary recently.

I did. I watched I’ve watched it and I’ve read the book last year.

Yeah. Well, have you seen the Jiff of, um, uh, Phil Mickelson dancing after watching the tiger documentary? I think that’s pretty amazing. It’s very entertaining.


It’s, it’s yeah, it’s super appropriate, but it’s pretty funny, but so, so looking at it with some, looking at Sam burns and, and, um, he’s a guy who I do like a lot here, this term, um, so-so burns his last, uh, three, his last five events has two top tens. So he is like, he’s playing well. Um, and, and I’m looking at this and he really like, he braids out really, really well in, in, in like if I look at my rank, my overall tournament, he grades out really, really well in my model. Um, but may not, gosh, a guy, this is going to sound crazy. A guy who I, I, I played last week and you get my text. You’re on my, my, my text string of members. I mean the guy who I play last week, top 20, who I like again this week is Michael Thompson, Michael Thompson, Michael Thompson, and the last 12 rounds grades out.

Number one in my mind. That’s crazy. That’s a very short sample size, but that’s that’s of note, right? So Michael Thompson is probably a really good, uh, top 20 play in a relevant top 20 play. Um, but so, okay, so now let’s talk about drafting for a second. Can we promise we will do this? So you open your open you’re drafting, zap, if you will, um, let’s build a team together and go, let’s go to golf. Let’s go to golf. Let’s go golf, classic American express. And I’m just going to, I’m going to build like a $2 team. You can put it in whatever you want to put it in. I’ve already got my, my line have been otherwise, but I’m going to create a line up here. So every line of I’m starting, I’m trying to look step struck. Abstract guy is I’ll get to him more on here in a second. And then Sam burns. Sam burns are my two guys this week. I’m big on. Um, so if we put in strapped and Sam burns, I think we have to consider Michael Thompson. So let’s plug Michael Thompson and you have Michael Thompson is, is, I’m telling you right now, nobody’s going to play Michael Thompson. So if we’re in a big field tournament, like a $5 single entry or something with a thousand people, Michael Thompson is going to be like 2%.

And that just gives you so that you’re not essentially everybody’s playing. And that gives you an advantage because not everybody’s gonna be playing lineup.

Yeah, because you leveraged on the field because if Michael Thompson finishes 20th and a guy who is 30% owner, who’s around the same price finishes 20 August 21st at DraftKings points that gets there’s tons of leverage on the field. So Michael Thompson, I mean, he’s, he’s kinda crazy here. Um, honestly told us up, let me pull up my, uh, one second. I’m gonna pull up, um, this, I want to get here as I’m pulling this up, I want to get your opinion on a few, a handful of golfers as a, uh, I think I can make a point here. This is a popular narrative, but I want to get your opinion. What’s your opinion on blonde on Patrick Reed?

I, I don’t like him. I won’t bet him because I won’t, cause I don’t want to end up having to cheer for him. So if you were to tell me that Patrick Reed is like a shoe in like best dogs you’ve ever seen, I still wouldn’t put money on him because I don’t want to watch a golf tournament and think to myself, I want Patrick Reed to do well.

That is exactly what I wanted to hear. Um, I’m gonna ask it because, and that frankly, I love Patrick Reed because of that. And it’s, and it’s only because of the, the narrative of the narrative, right? It’s like, okay. He, people hate people don’t want to play Patrick Green people hate Patrick Reed. It’s like Bryce into Shambo. So tell me your take on it. Like, do you want to cheer for him?

I don’t want to, but it’s not as visceral for Patrick. You know what I mean?

Yeah. I know. But I think it’s interesting because you know, so one of the things you and I were talking about earlier today, right. Is, is the, is sort of the gambler’s mindset and, and the, and then just strategically thinking. And I really think it’s, it’s fascinating because every time Patrick read plays, no matter how likely his odds are, the he’s gonna win. If you’re playing draft Kings, like you have built in equity on him every time. And when I say built on one, it’s like, you’re intelligent, but by built an equity, I mean, like you’ve got built in value on him every time, just because his name is,

Are you telling, you’re saying that like, pretty much everybody feels exactly the same way as I do. So there are places.

Yes. That’s exactly what I mean. That’s exactly what I mean. And so it’s like, and so, so if you can, like, if you can, if you watch a tiger documentary, if you compartmentalize your feelings right. And say, okay, I’m going to shelf my feelings and just be like benign and focus on the facts. And so I play Patrick Reed cause he’s a really good play. Like that’s, I mean, he’s a really, really good play this week. And

Even at the price at 10,200, that’s a good play.

Yeah. I mean, no, I think he’s, I think he’s, he’s, he’s not my favorite player. My favorite play, honestly, Scotty Schaeffer. And I’m going to talk about Scotty shelf for a little bit because he doesn’t a Scottie Scheffler. Listen, if you’re looking at, if I’m roaming models and you know me enough, well enough to know everybody who listens to follow the money and knows anything about me, I’m a huge model guy. And I make a lot of my decisions based on models and so on. And, but the reality of it is, is, is there, there are some times with some guys you’re just like, okay, he’s playing well here, you see a little bit of a trend and he’s a talent. So Scottie Scheffler is an elite talent. So he’s not old. He’s he’s I think probably 24 years old, 23 years old maybe. And he’s, he’s a young guy, but he, but what’s interesting to me as I look at him and his and his, his kind of track record, um, he, he just, he he’s really good at golf. That sounds like silly, but I mean, he looked at the Amex year. So last year he finished a third at this event.

Finished third at this last year. Yes. He finished third year, last year. And I mean, here’s, what’s crazy. Scotty Schaeffler is, is so sick and nobody knows it, Tim. So let me just give you, let me start from here. So from November of last year, okay. He has one, two, three, four, five, six, uh, hang on. Live radio here. Uh, six top, top tens in let’s call it two, four, six, eight, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. So call it a quarter of his tournament. He’s finished top 10, one two, and then his last hang on. And his last two, four, six, eight, 10, 12. And his last 12. He has three top three top fives and his last 12.

Oh dude, Scotty Scheffler that dude, the killer, like he’s so good. And he’s top 10 in the world. Isn’t he? And like, nobody’s like even casual golf, casual golf fans don’t really know who he is, but he is a top 10 golfer, right?

Oh no, I, I it’s, it’s funny you say that because, um, I’m pulling up the official world golf rankings right now and I’m going to compare that to like the, the, like the real ratings. Um, it’s uh, you made a great point. I think official more golf rankings. Let’s put it. A lot of people use this as their sort of defacto, um, ranking. So let’s see, see where he is. Official world golfer. He, I guarantee you is not top 10. He is. Let me pull this up. Uh, there we go. Let’s see. He is 33rd.

Oh man.

[inaudible] well, no, he’s he is. He’s no good. No, he’s much better than that though. Right? Like that’s not, I don’t consider that like a real ranking. Like he is a lot better than 33rd. Like I would, I mean, I think he’s for sure. Top 20, um, you know, we look at, I mean, okay, so let’s just, this is just for fun. We’ll play the game. Would you play Kevin? Would you ever bet Kevin Kizner or Scottie Schaeffer? No. He’s ranked higher. Would you bet? Um, Paul Casey, over Scottie Scheffler, not in John he’s ranked tired. Um, you bet, man, as you Matthew Fitzpatrick or Scottie Scheffler, probably not. He’s running tire. Um, I mean, yeah. And how would I start getting my personal feelings appear when you get into like getting to my guys? Would you rent Lou used day’s number, Scotty Scheffler? No, probably not. He’s ranked tire.

Uh, I’m a, I’m a hair, big hair as English guy. Um, so here, if the hair’s English is running tire, I mean, there’s enough bunch of guys that you’re like Scottie Schaeffler is definitely in the conversation or, and, and he’ll be, he’ll be there. He’ll be ranked higher soon. Um, but then that’s the value of this is that we can look at that and we can, we can glean some value. So, um, whereas for building our team, we have Sam burns abstract. We’re gonna play Michael Thompson and we’re gonna play Scotty Schaeffler for sure. So we have two spots left. We have 88, 50 a golfer, which is a good amount of money here. Um, let’s see, I can’t talk to you in a fat pack. Can I? And the fat Pat Patrick Reed.

Oh, well you can like, you may have convinced them.

I don’t want to move here for the, for the dark, for Darth Vader, but it’s like

Different. This is different in that. Like, I love your idea of getting a leg up on the field and this way it’s not like I’m making a win out right that on him. You know what I mean? You can just, you know, have a pretty good tournament finished in the top 10 and nobody will talk about it and nobody will be, they won’t even show his shots and he’ll still get us. He’ll still get us value. You know,

Every time you see him make his shinny face and his little teeth smile and everything that everybody hates about him is you’re, you’re all what I say to myself every time it is. I’m getting more one equity on Patrick Reed. Yes. You know what I mean? It’s like, I mean, it’s not like go Patrick Pravera right. It’s like, it’s purely from a gambler’s perspective. It’s like, man, I get wind equity every time he, every time he’s an, it builds equity for me. And so it’s just, I think it’s a good point.

Do it. Let’s do it. And we’ll check in next week about how

It’s okay. I like it. So we’re going to put Patrick Reed. Now we have 7,500 left and, and I I’m I’m I got a guy, I’ve got a guy who I love here. Um, let me pull them up. So, so, so far our team is Sam burns, Patrick Reed, Scotty Scheffler. [inaudible] Michael Thompson. And I love the. First of all, I mean, it’s so easy to root for guiding, but Taylor, do you know anything about failure?

Not really. The only thing that I’m looking at this might, I don’t know. I’m only looking at the draft Kings app right now, but it says as far as cuts made, it says four out of he’s missed he’s 50 50 on cuts. That makes me a little nervous.

That’s great. That’s going to make a lot of people nervous,

But here’s, what’s interesting about how’s this. So it should make you nervous because he, because we keep in mind. One of my favorite quotes is Tim is we didn’t come here to paint. Right? And so we came here to gamble. We didn’t come here to paint. And so if I told you in his last five tournaments, he went, he had Ms. Scott, Ms. Cut. Fourth, 35th and fifth, two top fives and two Ms. Cuts and his last five events. Right. So you’re gonna say, you’re gonna say, gimme, gimme, gimme the [inaudible]. I mean, the Gucci, the goods is a really, I like the good shallot here. The is part can get hot. And the Houston, he gained five strokes plotting in Houston at the two tournaments ago. The Gucci, I like the goods a lot course fit here. Uh, I mean, so, so if we look at our team two beasts, we have two of the favorites. We have fat Pat and we have Scottie Schaeffer. I mean, we have to like a, like, like thoroughbred players, right? We’ve got a Sam burns. Who’s, who’s a really good fit. We have struck, it was a fit. And we have Thompson who grades that number one in my model of over everybody. And then we got

Our last guy in, we’ve got the Gucci gin. Um, and yeah, I mean, I, I like to do so again, guys, from, for guys who were listening in guys, women who are listening in, um, you know, again, uh, my pitch when the tournament, frankly, a Scottish chef, all right. I like Scottie shuffler. I think he’s going to win the tournament. Um, but it would not shock me if Reed one, uh, fat pass. One of those guys shows up and, and, and my favorite, um, the value play is abstract, like step a lot. And then, um, obviously, you know, Sam burns and the rest and Thompson, but I mean, and again, I mean, Thompson graze at first, my model, that doesn’t mean, obviously I like, I’m going to bet them top 20, maybe top 10. I mean, I’m probably going to throw just some pizza money on Thompson to win just in case he wins. But, um, you know, honestly, Hey, as you look at golf betting in general, Tim, you know, you’re looking at this when you’re sitting here and you’re, you’re sitting down on a Thursday and you’re going through and you’re, uh, you’re either on set or you finished up for the week or you’re you’re unfortunately, sometimes if you’re in COVID quarantine and you’re bored out of your mind when you’re looking at golf bedding and you’re seeing the texts you get from me, what’s going through your head, what’s kind of your job.

My general strategy is like, uh, I like the, I like making some small outright that just like, maybe you’ll hit like the big, long odds, um, like, you know, the long odds on, on one of those people. But what I really like about what I really like not getting the text messages is just like, I, like, instead of just pulling names out of a hat or taking it off emotion, I like actually having a little bit of information and I might not get all, like, you send me six. Like I might not bet all of them. I’ll just kind of like pick out like, Oh, this would be fun. Cause this guy’s like a crazy long shot. Like that’d be really fun. And other than that, I’m mostly looking at the, I’m mostly looking at the tournament match ups because I’m not like, you know, I’m not like a sharp by any means.

Like I’m not putting down any weight and like moving lines around. So like, I really am just like, Oh, maybe, you know, maybe I’ll throw, I’ll throw a couple dollars on, on something just to make the weekend interesting. You know? So I can like sell it to people or maybe four, maybe four match-ups over the course of the weekend and I’ll keep an eye out or just keeps it interesting. Especially if like, you know, if the, if the outrights that I have are you contention? And I have, you know, whatever, uh, uh, if I like whatever, if I am, if I have, uh,


And then, and like, you know, they’re in like 20th and 30th places it’s still is, it’s still interesting. So that’s what I go off of.

How do you not root for a guy whose last name is? Honest question like that is, that’s like the goat, the goat last name. All right. So, all right. So here’s where we’re at. So you can get now, so I’m going to hold you to this. You gotta at least bet butts and Michael Thompson at 110 to one, like that’s worth a pizza, but he’s number one of my models. So, I mean, that’s, that’s worth a pizza. And, um, we talked about, I’m always shoving Schaeffler for sure. I’m I’ve already bet. Shutler the two guys. You gotta, you gotta better read in Scheffler. I mean, those are [inaudible]. You don’t want to bet read. You gotta bet read and just grin and bear it. I mean, and you’re going to bet them now because the price on chef was going to come down. I promise you, especially tomorrow morning when I’m, when we’re on follow the money with mission poly, that price is going to come down.

Um, Henley. I like Henley 35 to one. Uh, I didn’t mention him today, but I like him a lot 35 to one Sam burns our guy. We mentioned, uh, got his price has already come down. He’s 55 to one like him a lot. And then, um, where is our guy step struck at 85 to one? I mean, come on 85 to one of our guys steps. I mean, we get some bombs in this thing and if we can hit Tim, if we, if we hit one of these bombs, I’m going to make me come on every week so we can do this. Cause we’ve run good. Um, you’re, you’re going to have to be the, uh, the featured a co-host every week here. So, um, w we’ll we’ll go from there, but listen, Tim, I appreciate you coming on, buddy. Thanks for the talk by the course. Um, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re an awesome guy for everybody. Um, so take you, you you’re, you’re working on a new project. Now tell me about the project you’re working on. It’s not a secret. I don’t think it’s a secret.

No, no, no. It got announced. I can’t see much outside of the, what we did in the announcement, but I’m in a movie called the don’t worry darling and say, uh, let’s say a psychological thriller that Olivia Wilde is directing and, uh, an actress named Florence Pugh starring in with, uh, Harry styles,

Harry styles. So you got to tell all your, your girlfriends and, and teenage, uh, college girls that Harry styles. I mean, I honestly, honestly, before you told me, I didn’t know Harry styles was, and now apparently he’s, he is a convolute, apparently he’s super popular and, uh,

Absolutely one of the most famous people in the entire world and also legitimately a wonderful guy. And I’m

Is he, is he really? Yeah, that was good. It’s good to hear.

It’s alarming how wonderful he is.

No, that’s awesome. I mean, and I mean, thanks to you. I mean, buddy, you’re a great guy. I’m, I’m glad to hear all the success you’re having here on this movie and it’s going to be, it’s going to be cool. I’m looking forward to, uh, you know, what I’m really hoping is is that we can all get vaccinated by the time this movie comes out and I’ll fly out to LA and we can, we can watch this coconut familiar and, uh, hanging out and, and, uh, you know, play some golf. So, um, but that would be great, man. That’d be amazing. It’d be amazing. Well, Tim, thanks for coming on. Appreciate you buddy. And, uh, we’ll talk to you soon.

All right. Talk soon.

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